Brook + Pete

By September 14, 2016 Weddings

As summer approaches I can’t help but look back at my weddings from last year. It’s hard to pick favorites, each one leaves a lasting impression.  I can say {Brook & Pete) Wedding left me with a feeling of simplicity. The idea of having your wedding at your lake cabin is not only breathtakingly beautiful but refreshing in so many ways. As I approach the cabin- the bridal party gets off the pontoon (with a couple hours left before the I-do’s) was the best thing I’ve seen all summer- Having fun, relaxing and grilling a few burgers. Usually at this point in the day your typical wedding party is rushing to take certain pictures and making sure final details are checked off their list. As everyone ate, showered & suited up we approached my favorite part of the day- The First Look- There was a point at the end of the dock alongside their property. We decided to set up there, luckily the easy going bride didn’t mind stomping through the long grass with her pretty white dress, “I’m only going to wear this once” she said. We got the first look in before the rain started. The blue clouds added the perfect touch to our picture perfect afternoon. Along with a few sprinkles we finished family photos and a small intimate session with the couple. The wooded area around the lake is all we needed for the lush green backdrop. Next up, time for the cocktail hour- craft brews, homemade treats as the guests arrived at the cabin. We had about an hour until the ceremony. As it thundered and poured I was nervous about what was to come, will it work out? Will we have the backyard ceremony? It was 5 minutes until start time and low and behold the rain had stopped. You can’t help but get that tingly feeling when stuff just “magically” works out! The ceremony went on without a flaw and those beautiful blue clouds made there appearance once again. We bar hopped to the local lake bars before we headed to the Barbeque. Everyone was having a blast, locals loving the mini stops into there establishments. It was so fun to talk with their friends and family. Everyone was so kind, welcoming and truly there to celebrate a couple they love. This wedding has inspired me to think about what matters most on your Wedding Day. Stay true to who you are. Knowing that your family and friends are everything- & last but not least- have a freaking blast!