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By January 30, 2020 Newborn

Logan James | One Month Young

The true beauty of lifestyle newborn photography is that there are no limits of what the sessions should be like. There are no set rules, set poses or perfect timing. Each family is different and so the end result is different as well. It’s unique as it should be because it portrays each family’s story in a real and honest way. Lately I’ll hear people say “my house is small”, “my house isn’t trendy”, “my house is so messy”, “my nursery isn’t insta worthy”…LIES, LIES, LIES. First off- your house is so special, it’s where you’re raising this little human! I can always hide your mess! If you look through these pics we used TWO areas of the home- a bedroom and the living room! There were toys, dirty dishes you name it, I see it and I DON’T CARE! You just had a baby or 2 or 3 // thats life!

#1 go-to: Natural Light- even just one little window can make a huge difference. Plop down a boppy, then lay down a…go-to #2: White or light neutral blanket/sheet- it keeps everything simple and classic. I can always bring the goods if you need blankets or pillows. If there’s a blank wall or an area where we can take down a picture that’s go-to #3! So don’t fret about your furniture or the size of your house. -THERE IS ALWAYS A SPOT- Just promise you don’t think I’m a crazy lady when I start moving things around when I get there . Embrace the mess or disguise it- anything can work!