Christmas at the Cabin

By February 3, 2020 Family

East Spirit Lake | Vergas Minnesota 

Christmas in Northern Minnesota was beautiful this year. Plenty of snow and lovely temps to make everything picture perfect. One of my dearest friends since middle school had the best idea for family pictures this year- cabin country. My husband and I ventured over there on December 26th on our way back to the cities. Of course we met up with Kayla + Elliot beforehand for lunch and a cocktail.. or two- because you know, the holidays! Vergas Minnesota has those dreamy townie bar’s you see in Hallmark movies, simply the best kind of casual and laidback atmosphere you didn’t know you loved so much until after experiencing it. After our delicious burgers, it was showtime. Elliot’s family cabin is gorgeous inside and out. Rustic touches and tall ceilings for their BIG-REAL Christmas tree- I must add in, I’m a lover for homemade & eclectic decorations and it was full of them! After ooo’ing and ahh’ing about the cabin we headed outdoors with a toddler and two gentle giants, you’ll see as your scroll through- Leopold ( Newfoundland) and Grant ( Clumber spaniel ). After a few poses and camera clicks we laughed about our pictures from last year and how convincing a ( then / one year old ) to sit in a sled, smile, and doing what we asked was MUCH EASIER! This year she was running wild and bribing isn’t easy at this age, so you can see what we were in for as you browse! The sled had to make an appearance again whether or not she was sitting pretty, its all about sentimental value it has with this family now. Elliot’s dad made this beauty and I can’t think of anything more special for this snow loving + outdoor family. Another memento is the Pendleton blanket we brought down to the fire, given to Grandma Okland as a present years back. I personally think it added the best touch of color and life to the campfire and having meaning behind memories captured is a fun story to tell when you’re looking back at photos. So here’s a slice of why I think it’s so important to choose what kind of family pictures you want. It means more than just a photoshoot, it’s showing off your life and what is meaningful to you. Location can be important, so think twice the next time you’re thinking about family pictures.