Delivery Room | Newborn

By February 5, 2020 Thoughts


As I learn to revamp my website I had to do some major planning on where to start. Let me give you a snippet of my life before I tell you my plan and all the details about that cute family below. The past 6 years I’ve always had two jobs- by the time I got home, finished editing my deadlines, I was spent emotionally and psychically. Blogging or adding images to my site were the last things on my mind. ( although it desperately needed it ) I’m finally in the right place where I have the time and so determined to display to others what I’m passionate about. It’s been a year now where I’ve been able to stay confidently afloat and be fully self-employed. I did my taxes last night and reached my goal, I am so pumped! I left a contracted job after Christmas in 2018 to focus on my own business. This was the scariest thing I’ve done career wise, just hoping my clients continue to like my work and grow with more families, weddings and designers. It actually happened! An anxious year but it flipping happened! I was happier, felt more creative and put in the time to learn new camera and computer tricks.  Those stories they tell you are true, go all in and good things will happen. I feel even “more in” and it’s only two months into February. So thanks to everyone in 2019 for letting me be the gal that documents your life!

Part of my new plan: – here I am, going through images, changing my portfolio, making things better. One thing I’ve learned to love about this little blog is the display of my images clustered into a visual story. It shows you what that exact moment in time was like. One image just doesn’t do justice, multiple gives you the freedom for a storyline. I have shoots that haven’t been displayed online but this simple blog gets me so excited to tell/show you more stories. I probably wont type this much but I’m feeling it tonight. ( Don’t judge my grammar ) I’m sure I have run off sentences and commas in inappropriate places. 

Back to those images below- For sure one of the best days in Eric and Maria’s life, baby #1. I love showing off my in-laws and of course that little babe, since I got the title Godmother, and god damn- I’m trying to be a great one! ( insert some god damn giggles )

Those clusters below, beautiful right? That’s why I’ve picked it! I always want people to know there are many alternatives to newborn photography. You can always tell me what your vision is, options are endless. Huge supporter of In-Home Lifestyle sessions with babies but these delivery room pics are even more raw and real. It’s hard to imagine when you look back and see how tiny they were, talk about a pretty sweet miracle. I want other parents to have photographs like the ones you see below, to cherish and feel all-the-feels over again.