I am 31 years old living in the Twin Cities. I am newly married to my handy husband Ryan. Together we enjoy woodworking, painting, and traveling. Our love for the outdoors has us camping and goal setting to explore each National Park. My happy place is at the lake, enjoying the water and being with family. You can spot me out of a crowd with a camera around my neck documenting life’s beauty.

My love for photography started as a kid. I was obsessed with disposable, digital ( any camera ) you name it! In college I took my first film class and began to love the dark room. From there I started to learn new techniques and bought my first Canon DSLR. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I always had a vision of being a small business owner. It’s an unexpected wild ride but It’s brought me so much freedom & happiness. I love capturing people in their element; raw, real and full of genuine emotions. Along with portrait photography, I photograph commercial + residential properties, and recently got involved with product photography. I’m always eager to learn and evolve in this industry.

My Process


Getting to know individuals is the best part of this job. I like to sit down and talk about what’s most important. Adapting my taste with yours helps me understand our creative limits- keeping it raw, real and authentic.


We all have a different palatte. I love exploring new places and finding out what makes you feel right at home. Feeling comfortable captures those candid moments you’ll love thirty years from now.


My editing process begins with coffee, lots of coffee. This is where our styles merge and my creative sense takes over. In the end I pass it back to you, to relive those little moments.

My Art

Art brings out the perfectionist in me. I embrace various styles by using different techniques and applications. In my soul I am a painter, but I believe it’s important to explore all types of mediums and materials.

My creative juice flows in the late hours of the night. Here’s where I’m convinced I’m nocturnal, and grateful this world has coffee. Routine is unheard of in my daily schedule, but once my hand touches the paintbrush this is another story. I’m convinced that’s where it’s hiding, inside my brushes somewhere. I’m drawn to the routine of continuous mark making and replicating those marks until they are resolved. This attraction comes from the compulsion that subconsciously takes over my body when I dive into a project. Once I start I cannot stop.